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  • The Mindy Project

    The Mindy Project

    Like New Girl before it, The Mindy Project seems to have hit its stride in its sophomore year. The show stars The Office's Mindy Kaling as an doctor trying to make her rom-com fantasy life expectations match up with reality, with underwhelming results. Luckily, our heroine is well-armed with a comeback for everything and an envy-inducing wardrobe that just landed Kaling on the cover of Elle.

  • Community


    All hail the return of the once-and-future showrunner! After a rather lackluster fourth season, NBC's dark horse comedy is celebrating the return of its creator (Dan Harmon) by getting back on track. That means more meta jokes, more reference humor, and more epic parody episodes. And if you happen to be going through Breaking Bad withdrawals, did we mention that Jonathan Banks (aka Mike) is the professor-flavor-of-the-season? Yes, it is just as awesome as it sounds. Six seasons and a movie!

  • Looking


    Imagine Girls meets Sex and the City, cast with gay guys and set in San Francisco. Now add in the typical HBO-levels of nudity. Ok, you've pretty much got the gist of HBO's new show, Looking. A 30-minute dramedy with a low key sense of humor and shot on location in SF, the show is garnering attention for not shoving its characters into stereotypical gay roles, but rather showing what modern gay life is actually like (as it turns out, pretty much like straight people life, but with Grindr).